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    Raising Youth has a vision to empower young people throughout England; providing opportunities to ensure their voice is heard. The main aim of the Company is to be the main hub for young people to find, use and access both information & services.

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Creating Strong Young Leaders!

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Helping young people develop both professionally and personally.

Supporting the next generations!
Ensuring we provide young people with everything they need.

Supported by many

Working with external organisations to support young individuals.

Our Programmes

Raising Youth CIC works with a range of different venues, agencies and organisations to design and produce a variety of programmes for young people to benefit their personal and professional development. Check out available programmes by clicking the button below.

Our Programmes

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We communicate with external organisations to list the latest opportunities, events, programmes and information their service has to offer right here on our platform for easy locating and accessibility.

Head over to the "Get Involved" page to see what other organisations have to offer!

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Ash Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Chloe-Annabel Allsworth

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Faith Bradley

Chief Marketing Officer