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Mission, Ethos & Values

A word from our Chief Executive

I would like to begin with thanking you for taking an interest towards Raising Youth, to find out what we do and what we're about. I first started Raising Youth in July 2019 as a non-official group for young people to come together and improve their local communities, since then we have grown into a service provider ensuring young individuals have access to information and services across England. I'm incredibly proud of our volunteers who design, facilitate and deliver our services, but even more proud of our service users for finding the courage to reach out for support.

"Ensuring the youth of today have the opportunity to develop and become the leaders of our tomorrow"

Every young individual deserves the chance to become a better version of themselves. This mission statement represents equity, we like to ensure that young people are provided with the right resources tailored to them in order for them to have the same chance of achievement as everyone.


We aim to be the main Youth Hub to support individuals within our eligibility category by providing a range of services, information and support. This will help to benefit vulnerable individuals, struggling families, and young people across England.


We offer a range of different options and services accessible to;

Ages 0-18

Ages 0-25 with SEN and/or Mental Health Issues

Struggling Families (Poverty, Low Income etc)

Please note: Some services may have different eligibility criteria, If you're unsure that you may be eligible please call our office on 01233556167 or email us at enquiries@raisingyouth.co.uk

Our Services
  • Poverty Support
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Support Service Listings
  • Signposting
  • Mental Health Support
  • Personal Development
  • Youth Programmes
  • Employment & Work Support
  • Health & Wellbeing Product Access
Mission, Ethos & Values

Our Mission:

We would like to develop into the main hub  that benefit young individuals, providing information and services to ensure they are able to progress and develop in life to the best of their abilities. Where necessary we will be provide tailored support to each service user to ensure they have the same chance of achievement as others as every young individual matters .

All young individuals should be able to access information, services and resources that will benefit them and support them to grow throughout their life regardless of age, diagnosis or ability. This will ensure them that they are valued, cared for and supported. The health, safety and success of service users are paramount to us, young indivuduals should feel confident, happy and able to access services, information and resources made available to them by us.

Our Ethos:

A safe, inclusive and tailored service ensures that young individuals receive the support, resources and help that they need, 

We believe every young individual, despite age, diagnosis or ability has the potential to develop both personally and professionally

Everyone should have the opportunity to be included, whether in a conversation, activity, event or service.

Every young individual should shape their own future in safe and creative environments, celebrating every small or big achievement for positivity.

"Ensuring the youth of today have the opportunity to develop and become the leaders of our tomorrow"

Every young individual deserves the chance to become a better version of themselves.

This mission statement represents equity, we like to ensure that young people are provided with the right resources tailored to them in order for them to have the same chance of achievement as everyone.

Our Values:

As an organisation working to benefit young people, we strive to:

Be Inclusive

Show Support

Be diverse

These are our core values and expect all of our staff and volunteers to model and deliver. We are always learning and developing through all experiences.


Safeguarding & Duty of Care:

Raising Youth is committed to safeguarding and promoted the welfare of all children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Safeguarding our service users and protecting them from harm is everyone's responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with our service users and their families have a key role to play in safeguarding. We listen to all our service users and take what they say to us seriously. We take our duty of care to our service users seriously just like we should. The company is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young individuals, our partners, staff, volunteers and trustees, as a result, we will take all possible action to support you, the service user and the immediate family.

We have a dedicated team in place, trained in Child Protection & Safeguarding, and at least one member of staff trained in this will be at our services at all times. Service users and staff are made aware of who they can talk to and contact if they have any concerns and we have the appropriate procedures in place to deal with this. Staff are trained to look out for signs of physical/emotional harm, neglect and sexual abuse and are required to report these to our DSL.

Records & Sessions:

No service user will ever be allowed to leave a session, even in exceptional circumstances, with anyone other than those you give us permission to. In order for us to release the service user to the designated individual(s) any permission forms held by the service team, should therefore, be kept up to date and anyone you have authorised to collect the service user must bring identification with them. We should also be provided with up-to-date medical records, address's, contact details and emergency contact information.

If your child becomes ill, or has an accident, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please keep mobile phones charged and switched on! It is very distressing for the service user, you and staff, if you cannot be contacted. In such cases, we will act on your behalf, to ensure that the service users' needs are met.

If we believe that the service user has been, or is at risk of, being harmed – emotionally or physically, we will take action immediately. This may be by contacting the appropriate authority – Children’s Services or the Police.

Every member of our community has a duty to protect their own and others’ health and safety.

See Safeguarding Policy & Procedures

​COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a highly infectious virus that is spreading across the world. Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation declared it a pandemic, which means that several countries are experiencing outbreaks.

In response to the virus, we have launched our response to keep our staff, service users and the local community safe. 

This key to our: Safety First>Staff Safe>Community Safe ethos.

National Lockdown

When National Lockdown is in place, you must Stay Home & you may only leave for the following reasons:

  • To shop for food and essentials
  • To got to work- Only where you absolutely cannot work from home
  • For medical reasons
  • To exercise- Once a day- either alone, with your household/support bubble or one other person

Our Response
To ensure the safety of our staff, service users, the local community and the NHS, upon entering National Lockdown we will take severe action to reduce the risk of transmission and to comply with government guidance.

As a result, all face-to-face services will be postponed until further notice. All services that can will been moved to digital delivery. See our Service Status below or download our Digital Delivery Strategy

Tier 4

Tier 4 will have a major affect on our services, with the majority being cancelled or moved to a digital delivery strategy. On the occurrence of entering Tier 4 we will take the decision to move our staff to work from home orders to help protect the NHS.

Tier 4: Stay at Home is similar to lockdown, you must stay at home, and only leave for limited reasons:

  • Go to work where you absolutely cannot work from home
  • To access healthcare
  • To access education
  • To exercise
  • To shop for food and essentials
  • For prayer or worship
  • To escape injury or harm
Please see this graphic for what's open or gov.uk
Social Distancing

It's lovely to see you, from a distance

We adhere to the Government's Social Distancing guidelines at all times within our offices. Our staff keep 2 meters (or 1 meter with extra precautions) away from those who do not live with them at all times. There are markers on the floor and signs throughout to remind people.

We also operate a one-way system, reducing the risk of face to face contact.


Keeping Clean

Making sure our offices are clean and tidy remains our top priority. In response to the pandemic, our offices are cleaned daily with a disinfectant. All areas are wiped before and after use, by everyone, every time. Our Clean Use Clean methodology supports this. This means that when staff arrive at heir desk they wipe the surfaces, use the area, then wipe after use. This reduces the risk that COVID-19 particles may be living on any surface.

Face Coverings

We'd love to see you smile!

We love seeing everyone smile, but we've decided it's safer for everyone if we all wear a face covering. Whilst in our offices, everyone is required to wear a face covering over their mouth and nose. Government Guidance says these should be worn where social distancing may not be possible or effective.

Please Be Kind

Please bear in mind that some people are exempt from wearing a face covering for medical reasons, this includes some of our staff! People may be exempt because:

  • Wearing a Face Covering may cause them severe distress
  • Wearing a Face Covering could negatively impact a health condition
  • They may not be able to wear a Face Covering Consistently or Safely
Raising Youth welcomes diversity and fully respects people who are exempt from wearing a face covering. We take a zero tolerance approach to abuse or discrimination towards our staff or service users. Please remember that not all disabilities are visible.

Is It Safe?
We understand that face coverings do reduce the transmission of Coronavirus. This is why we conduct a risk assessment of all people exempt from face coverings and implement different control measures to control the spread. This includes:
  • Paying special attention to 2 meter social distancing
  • Asking our exempt staff to wear a face shield if possible

​Our Current Service Status

Latest Government Guidance to Tier 4 areas has affected some of our services. Please see below for what is running and what isn't.

Support GroupsPostponed
 Employability CoachingRemote Only
Clothing SupportPostponed
Resource HubPostponed
Youth CaféPostponed
CounsellingRemote Only
Contraception & Sanitary Support Remote & Delivery Only

What You Need To Know

Information for each of our people. Please select your group to hear information specially selected for you.


This information is for parents/carers of children who access our services.

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Staff and Volunteers

This information is for all of our staff and volunteers.

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Young People & Service Users

This information is specially designed for young people and service users.

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Still Have Questions?

Please email our Chief of Human Resources & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Callum Thomas, for more information.