Welcome to the branding toolkit!

Our branding toolkit outlines the dos and do nots when it comes to using Raising Youths' branding. To request the branding resource pack please email [email protected] or click the button below to download.

Horizontal Logo

This consists of both the main logo and our organisation name, this is the branding resource used on the majority of any publications, digital resources, printing or documentation. 

Size: 240x97px

Placement: Our horizontal and main logos should always be placed in the top left, middle or bottom of documentation, websites, printing any any other publications. Where this cannot be done, contact should be made to the Chief of Media and Community Development where a decision will be made about placement.

Main Logo

This is our incredible main logo, designed in 2019 to promote our brand. The white lines next to the persons body represent their voice, this is part of our mission to ensure that young people are able to speak up about their thoughts, opinions and concerns.

The bubble design reflects our idea that every service should be designed around the specific individual opposed to a group of individuals, believing that a tailored service is a successful service.

Digital Use

We feature our horizontal logo on a broad range of digital platforms such as our website and social media pages.

Our horizontal logo is featured on the bottom right of the website footer for design purposes, please see placement guidelines above on where branding should be placed.


Our favicon is our branding resource shown at the top of browser tabs. The favicon is the exact same as our main logo, only reduced to 16x16px to be used as a website favicon - this size fits in with all website favicon requirements.