Direct Support


For those that are looking for support with their mental health online, we offer our live chat service where individuals can speak with one of our Wellbeing & Counselling Specialists online immediately.


Our direct support service via live chat is only available during the following hours:

Mon-Fri: 09:00am-22:30pm
Sat: 11:00am-22:30pm
Sun: Unavailable


Q: Why speak to us?
A: By speaking to a member of our team we're able to support and guide you through a difficult time. It's always best to speak to someone else when you're feeling rough or cannot take anymore. We may also be able to provide more direct support to help combat feelings and help support you into accessing further services to help with how you feel.

Q: What if we have to tell someone?
A: Our last resort will be having to break confidentiality of which can be extremely difficult. However, if this happens it will be to prevent serious harm or distress to yourself or someone else. Contact may be made with social or child services, police or other emergency services. The member of our team you speak with will talk you through the specific process they have to go through should contact have to be made with other services.


We promise to keep everything you tell us between the member of staff you speak to and yourself & you may also request to remain anonymous.

However, there may be some cases where we have to tell somebody else, these could be:
• We believe a life is in danger
• You or somebody else is being seriously hurt
• We have to by law
• You ask us to

: What if we're not available? A: If we're not available and there is an emergency (i.e. yours or someone else's life is in danger) please contact 999 who will be able to provide immediate help. For example, they may send police to do a welfare check on someone at risk; depending on availability, they may send an ambulance or fire crew until police become available.