Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response- Winter 2021

Life may resemble something of normality, but Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still with us and remains a serious health risk. We're working hard to keep our community safe during winter, when the risk of COVID-19 and Flu is increased. Alongside this, there are currently very high numbers of Infections (New Cases) and Hospital Admission in England. Like most organisations, we too have suffered a high number of cases amongst our staff in recent months and weeks. Our Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) have escalated our response to Alert Level 3, meaning a tough package of measures are currently in force across our community to control the spread of the virus.

Our position on the use of face coverings remains unchanged at this time. Any person over the age of 11 who accesses our offices and other sites must wear a face covering over their mouth and nose at all times. Face coverings are one of the easiest but most effective way of controlling the risk of infection. A face covering does not necessarily mean a mask and can be any 2 or 3 layered item that securely fits around the wearers mouth and nose like a bandana. However, face shields are not a suitable replacement as they do not provide adequate respiratory protection. Please remember that some people cannot wear a face covering on medical grounds, these my not always be obvious or visible.