Important Message on 'Squid Game'

We've been made aware of a new programme on Netflix called 'Squid Game'. The show sees hundreds of debt-ridden students compete for a cash prize in a series of survival tasks disguised as ‘playground’ games. Characters in the show are tortured and killed for pleasure and there are scenes of sexual violence. There is a theme around the pleasure one gets from gambling.

Although the show has been rated as 15, the content isn't suitable for any person under 18. We have been made aware of young people attempting to recreate some scenes in the show. In addition to this, there have been multiple online challenges appearing following the release of the series calling social media users to recreate ‘games’ from the show.

We strongly recommend that children should not watch ‘Squid Game’ due to the graphic violent content. If parents are worried about their young person and accessing this show, they can contact the Safeguarding Leads for advice by emailing