Let's Keep Each Other Safe This Halloween

After the disappointing Halloween and Bonfire Night last year, we know that many children will be delighted to be able to celebrate this year. However, Coronavirus remains a serious health risk, we must all do everything we can to protect each other.

If you're meeting friends and family, it's safer to meet outdoors as COVID-19 particles are blown away. If you do meet indoors, remember to open windows and let fresh air in. If you or your child has symptoms or has tested positive, they need to stay home and self-isolate for 10 days. This helps protect the most vulnerable people, and prevent the spread of the virus. We know it'll be frustrating, but it is vital to protect everyone and a legal requirement. When you get home from Trick or Treating, remember to wash you and your child's hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds. This helps kill bacteria and the virus on your child's hands. Wash and food not in a wrapper before allowing your child to eat it, again to kill the bacteria and viruses.

Remember that COVID-19 is still with us and is a serious threat to the most vulnerable in our community and the NHS. We all need to play our part to keep life moving again.