Support Groups

We operate support groups on a biweekly basis (every two weeks) to help give a voice to young individuals effected by severe mental health, chronic illness developmental & physical disabilities.

The support groups also allow for young individuals to design campaigns and strategies to support with broadcasting their voices, while providing a safe place to attend and seek support.

Service users get the option to attend a specific session from the sessions listed on this page; however, if individuals feel unhappy to attend a group session, they will be referred to our counselling service.

Please note: All sessions are facilitated by members of staff with relevant training to the session, a mentor, and first aider; there may also be staff trained in other areas depending on availability.

Developmental & Mental Health Groups: This group is designed for individuals that are struggling with mental health difficulties; for example, Depression, EUPD, Anxiety, PTSD.

Chronic Illness Groups: These sessions are designed for those diagnosed with chronic illness's like; Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes.

Physical Disability Groups: These group sessions are designed for those that are suffering from physical disabilities. These range from; Amputation, Cerebral Palsy, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Muscular Dystrophies.